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Lisp, C, and C++ (was: Re: Why is Elisp slow?)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Lisp, C, and C++ (was: Re: Why is Elisp slow?)
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 16:38:41 +0200
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Van L wrote:

>> Lisp was, and is a hacker’s language. C++,
>> Java is a corporate language. C was, and is
>> a hacker’s language.
> [...]

Who said that? I must'a missed that message and
Van L didn't provide an attribution.

Anyway I agree both Lisp and C are hacker
languages! [figure: 1] They are just different
hacker personalities.

And those personalities can coexist in the same
hacker, for that matter. Just like I enjoyed
"Battle Angel Alita" (2019) just as much as
"Everest" (2015) despite them not being in the
same genre [OT list: 2].

As for Java, I agree it is a corporate language
- or whatever is the appropriate term, but it
isn't a hacker language for sure.

C++ tho I don't know! I think it is a hacker
language as well. A lot of the bad rep it has
taken is because of people's adversity to OO,
which, in turn, is a reaction to the
super OO hype that once was, and also because
of people using it in crazy ways (all but
infinite inheritance trees etc) But, 1) OO is
not necessarily bad, it depends how you use it
as with (almost) everything else; and 2) while
huge in the 90s, most C++ programmers of today
don't put half the emphasis on OO, neither
orally or in practice.


underground experts united

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