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Re: Why is Elisp slow?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Why is Elisp slow?
Date: Sat, 04 May 2019 02:33:59 +0200
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Ergus wrote:

> That's the strategy that made python become
> so successfully (plus the language
> simplicity). The existence of Cython, Numba +
> Pure C/Fortran core libraries like numpy and
> a simple C API to extend it. So when a user
> implements anything in 100% python; if it has
> performance issues she only needs to change
> the python lists with numpy arrays and numpy
> functions and that's it, the difference will
> be observed immediately. But if a specific
> function still represents a problem she can
> implement it easily in C or use a C library
> directly with CTypes, Pybind11 or boost, that
> uses dlopen instead of create processes and
> parse outputs and writes in numpy
> arrays/types directly.

Jesus these days you need a PhD to write
a program.

underground experts united

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