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Re: Why is Elisp slow?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Why is Elisp slow?
Date: Sat, 04 May 2019 02:32:19 +0200
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Ergus wrote:

> At the end (in my opinion) if emacs wants to
> survive other 40 years it will need to start
> looking for integration with python, lua,
> C++, rust, Ruby and similar languages with
> a more "promising" future than common lisp.

Maybe there are some modules or interfaces
around that to some degree makes it possible to
use other languages than Lisp the Emacs
extension and configuration language.

However even so I think it'll stay at that.
People won't accept an Emacs w/o Lisp. Its half
the fun of it.

> Ruby and similar languages with a more
> "promising" future than common lisp.
> Because we really need to attract new
> developers with new ideas, visions and
> experiences... and 99% of programmers don't
> use any lisp like language.

IMO there is no need to do anything in
particular to attract anyone. If they are
attracted by Emacs enough, but for some reason
don't want Lisp with it, they will come anyway,
fork it and try (perhaps even succeed) in
having another language replace Lisp.

But even if this happens this breakaway Emacs
will be a very little ship in the Emacs world.

People like Lisp, some even love it! Just take
a look at the [M]ELPA archives and people's
Elisp dotfiles all around the world. (Now it
sounded like I do that, only I don't. But 1)
I have my own dotfiles and 2) I don't have to
see them other guys' to know they are
there. :))

How about Emacs w/ Haskell for example?
Side-effect free Emacs - no matter what button
you push, nothing happens! :)

underground experts united

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