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Re: Why is Elisp slow?

From: Paul W. Rankin
Subject: Re: Why is Elisp slow?
Date: Fri, 03 May 2019 11:45:26 +1000
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On Fri, May 03 2019, Ergus wrote:
Actually I think that these days will be easier to find new C/C++
developers for emacs than Lisp developers. Lisp and Scheme are
beautiful, but they require a different way of thinking and a lot of
time (own experience, I am just starting with it.) One reason why I
can't convince my friends to use Emacs is actually how Lisp scares them

Emacs Lisp was the fist programming language I learnt (really as a means to an end to make a major mode I wanted). I found Elisp elegant and easy to understand; the parens make it clear where each expression begins and ends, functions are always the first element, and the documentation is incredibly accessible for a noob/hobbyist programmer. I find other languages difficult/inaccessible by comparison.


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