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every release of emacs, i have to fix comint

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: every release of emacs, i have to fix comint
Date: Wed, 1 May 2019 15:03:22 -0700

a few releases ago, like 23 or 24, shell mode prompts stopped showing
the beautiful colors set up in .bashrc or .profile or wherever they
are set.

instead, the prompt was set to a new face, in a single color.

to fix it, i have to copy comint.el and quote out a couple of lines,
which i do haphazardly but works.

for example:

              ;; alpha
              '(add-text-properties prompt-start (point) '(rear-nonsticky t)))

is there a variable someplace that says "please don't chnge my bash prompt"?


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