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Re: debug-ignored-errors usage

From: Mauro Aranda
Subject: Re: debug-ignored-errors usage
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2019 23:13:52 -0300

Budi <> writes:

> How's the usage of debug-ignored-errors ?
> I've tried with no benefit whatsoever;
> (setq debug-ignored-errors (beginning-of-buffer))

Not sure what is that you are trying to achieve, but with the
expression you wrote you are setting debug-ignored-errors to the return
value of beginning-of-buffer, which is nil when called like that.  So
you end up not ignoring errors.

The doc string (which you can read by typing
`C-h v debug-ignored-errors RET') says it is a list, and with emacs -Q
its value is:
(beginning-of-line beginning-of-buffer end-of-line end-of-buffer
end-of-file buffer-read-only file-supersession mark-inactive user-error)

This setting is done in the file lisp/bindings.el, so you might want to
take a look at that file to see how it's done.  Also notice
beginning-of-buffer is already an element of debug-ignored-errors.

If you really want to set debug-ignored-errors to only
beginning-of-buffer you can do the following:
(setq debug-ignored-errors '(beginning-of-buffer))

Best regards,

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