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Re: Problem with disappearing "table-cell" face.

From: Sebastian Urban
Subject: Re: Problem with disappearing "table-cell" face.
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 16:24:41 +0100
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> No, I'm speaking of the `font-lock-face` *property*.
> Look for it in the node "Special Properties" of the Elisp manual.

Ok, so if mode 'A' use 'face' property it will work as long as mode
'B' with Font lock instructions won't be in use (with enabled Font
lock of course).  But when it (mode 'B') appears, Font lock ignores
any/most(?) faces not defined by mode 'B', unless they have additional
'font-lock-face' property defined.  It is probably simplification but
diving into Elisp would be 'one bridge too far' for now, I just hope
it's at least close enough.

> When I try it, the two faces are merged.

And now I wonder what did you mean by 'merge'.  I was trying to say
that '^M' has 'brown'(escape-glyph) colour, while the rest of the
(head)line is 'Blue1' (outline-1 -> font-lock-function-name-face).

S. U.

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