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Re: Problem with disappearing "table-cell" face.

From: Sebastian Urban
Subject: Re: Problem with disappearing "table-cell" face.
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 16:10:44 +0100
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Thank you for clarifying control 'font-lock' has over faces.

As 'font-lock-face' did you mean group of faces starting with
'font-lock-*something*' for example 'font-lock-doc-face' or
'font-lock-type-face' and consequently instead of face named
'table-cell' it should be something like 'font-lock-table-cell'.
Or it is something completely different?

Because this looks like a bug from perspective of beginner, I think it
should be noted in 'GNU Emacs Manual' somewhere in chapter '11.12 Font
Lock mode'... or perhaps it is already there and I just missed it.

One more thing, what about 'hardcoded faces'? For example in 'Outline'
mode when I quote RET (C-q RET) in headline it will be described
(describe-char) by 'outline-1' face and hardcoded 'escape-glyph' but
it will be painted with the latter.  Hardcoded faces have highest

S. U.

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