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রে: get backtrace of handle-switch-frame

From: Ghosh, Partha
Subject: রে: get backtrace of handle-switch-frame
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 18:43:06 +0000

Dear Amos,

Please excuse my ignorance.....

I do not know how to get the backtrace of function

 When I tried it on the emacs window as M-x handle-switch-frame, it told me 
that handle-switch-frame must be bound to an event with parameters.

If possible, please can you tell me what should I do, and then I shall surely 
revert back.

With all the very best wishes and regards,



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পাঠান: 24 মার্চ 2019 20.21
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বিষয়: get backtrace of handle-switch-frame

Hello, is it possble to get the backtrace of function
`handle-switch-frame` so that I can find out the cause of an
unexpected frame switch event?


Amos Bird

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