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1L fanless computing unit for GNU/Emacs

From: Van L
Subject: 1L fanless computing unit for GNU/Emacs
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 13:59:27 +1100

> so you stick it in and never touch it again.  And
> the rest can be put on a SATA-connected disk.  It
> also comes with a (rudimentary) enclosure.  and
> since these thingies are fanless, they don't
> suffer much from (nor accumulate much) dust.

A corner of the 'net focuses on the market for
fanless [1].  The nuc8i5bek2 [2] doesn't show on
ebay or amazon where I try.

Having a tastefully done 1L fanless unit you buy
from the FSF store with a chip menu that includes
but is not limited to risc-v architecture from hifive on netbsd,
and a service to gutout and update an existing
chassis could be a revenue raiser for funding the cause of Free Sourceware 


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