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Re: Make emacs-eww render asynchronously

From: Vladimir Sedach
Subject: Re: Make emacs-eww render asynchronously
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:10:32 -0700
User-agent: mu4e 1.1.0; emacs 26.1

> The emacs-w3m fetches the page asynchronously, but the rendering process
> will freeze Emacs for a long time.

Yes, this is an actual problem. Óscar Fuentes probably does not
notice it because he must have a fast computer - if you are hacking
elisp code it is a good idea to do it on old slow hardware. I find
that profiler.el is not very useful for discovering things that cause
lag and latency. In case anyone is reading this and thinking "get off
your heirloom VAX grandpa, here is a nickel, buy a better computer,"
there is no reason for computers with gigahertz-plus CPUs and a
gigabyte of memory to end up in the landfill, even if they are 10+
years old. And work on performance issues caused by sloppy code and
bad algorithms/data structures will benefit all GNU Emacs users.

> Is it a way to make emacs-w3m render pages asynchronously?

The cause of the problem will not be fixed by asynchronous rendering.
emacs-w3m code has some real problems and is doing a lot of
unnecessary work.

If you would like to contribute to emacs-w3m, the details for
subscribing to the emacs-w3m mailing list can be found at:

The source code repository is now at:

> Or should I start to use eww exclusively instead of emacs-w3m?

You can do both. It is probably easier to add features and w3m-style
rendering to eww than to fix emacs-w3m.


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