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Make emacs-eww render asynchronously

From: YUE Daian
Subject: Make emacs-eww render asynchronously
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 12:48:03 +0800

Hi folks,

I am facing a funny problem about Emacs browsers.

The story is: I was using emacs-w3m to browse Rust API docs.

You know some pages are very large, like this one:

The emacs-w3m fetches the page asynchronously, but the rendering process
will freeze Emacs for a long time.

The eww opens it rather fast, but its functionality is not so good
compared with emacs-w3m.

Is it a way to make emacs-w3m render pages asynchronously?

Or should I start to use eww exclusively instead of emacs-w3m?

Thanks in advance!

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