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Re: [Erc-discuss] ERC custom IRC /command

From: Max Zettlmeißl
Subject: Re: [Erc-discuss] ERC custom IRC /command
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 14:55:25 +0100

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 2:37 AM Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> wrote:
> How can I make a custom ERC IRC command,

By defining a function using the "erc-cmd-" prefix,
e.g. using your example command "/r": erc-cmd-R

(defun erc-cmd-R ()
  ;; If you want to send something to the server you could use
  ;; erc-send-message or erc-message, depending on what
  ;; exactly you intend to do.

A look into the ERC manual would have pointed you in the right
direction. The feature is named under [1] and [2] even contains an
example of it's use.

Using a search engine of your choice to search for "emacs erc custom
command" would also have helped you.

[3] (At the very bottom of
the page.)

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