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Re: what has the face `message-separator' *really* done for us?

From: Damien Collard
Subject: Re: what has the face `message-separator' *really* done for us?
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 08:02:07 +0100
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On Dim, mar 17 2019, Emanuel Berg wrote:

>> In my case it is affected by
>> `message-separator` (message-mode set up by
>> Gnus; the separator is "--text follows this
>> line--").
> "--text follows this line--" rings a bell, but
> I haven't seen it in ages. Maybe it is
> something I configured away ages ago...
> Also, I don't have "message-separator". I do
> have:
>     message-form-letter-separator
>     message-signature-separator
>     message-unsent-separator

Sorry, I meant that the face `message-separator` does affect the
(textual) message separator (which in my case is the default "--text
follows this line--"; controlled by `message-header-separator`).

Damien Collard

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