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Re: Unable to use `package-refresh-contents`: Bad signature from GNU ELP

From: Nicky Chorley
Subject: Re: Unable to use `package-refresh-contents`: Bad signature from GNU ELPA Signing Agent
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2019 06:52:18 +0000

I tried switching to HTTPS for the GNU ELPA repository as well, but
that didn't help either and I'm still getting the error. Again, just
clearing my .emacs.d doesn't help. Is there another cache somewhere
that I should try clearing, or does anyone have any other suggestions?



On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 at 08:46, Nicky Chorley <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running Emacs 25.3.1 on Slackware Linux 14.2 and `M-x
> package-refresh-contents` is giving the following error:
> Failed to verify signature archive-contents.sig:
> Bad signature from 474F05837FBDEF9B GNU ELPA Signing Agent
> <address@hidden>
> Command output:
> gpg: Signature made Fri 08 Feb 2019 10:15:04 PM GMT using DSA key ID 7FBDEF9B
> gpg: BAD signature from "GNU ELPA Signing Agent <address@hidden>"
> I don't recall changing anything in my config recently. Just to see if
> that was causing a problem, I did remove my config (.emacs and
> .emacs.d), but the problem persisted.
> Any ideas about what's causing this?
> Thanks,
> Nicky Chorley

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