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RE: Saving a window configuration ?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Saving a window configuration ?
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2019 10:50:09 -0800 (PST)

> > Yes, see frameset.el.
> I'm afraid this is only half of it.  From the comments:
> ;; It should be noted that restoring the frames' windows depends on
> ;; the buffers they are displaying, but this package does not provide
> ;; any way to save and restore sets of buffers (see desktop.el for
> ;; that).  So, it's up to the user of frameset.el to make sure that
> ;; any relevant buffer is loaded before trying to restore a frameset.
> If 15 files are opened and the frames are saved, then the files will
> need to be re-opened one by one and only after doing that can the
> saved positions and sized of the frames be restored to produce what's
> expected: restoring emacs like it was when last left, with all the
> files and all the frames.  As far as I consider my query, this is
> pretty much half-cooked.  What's the use of wanting to be able to
> restore emacs like it was with all the frame sizes and positions AND
> the files, in a single operation, if all the files have to be manually
> opened before ?  If all the files have to be manually opened then might
> as well forget about the size and position of the frames and
> re-organize them.
> What I would like is to get back to emacs with the 15 files being
> displayed just like they were last time.  The corollary to this
> mechanism would be that since it can do that, it can thus reload any
> other saved "buffers & frames" (B&F for short).  So if I switch from one
> project to another I can save the current B&F and then switch to the
> other project's B&F in one operation, ready to continue from the exact
> same place it was left before. And later on switch back to the previous
> project's saved B&F

Have you tried `desktop.el'?

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