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Re: Google Gmail mailing list bounces

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Google Gmail mailing list bounces
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2019 23:22:29 +0100
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Nate Bass wrote:

> I compared my Gmail to the archives and
> I found that I wasn't receiving mail from one
> particular address address@hidden and
> I think this caused me to bounce off the
> help-gnu-emacs mailing list.

Yes, that's me. Yeah, what can I say, I've
always been the odd man out! But no, I don't
know what's going on.

The history, if we stick to more recent events,
is like this.

First I finally understood the problem of
"breaking threads" when posting to the
newsgroup,, which I had being
doing simply because it was faster than Gmane,
and I didn't understand the problem, despite
several people telling me about it. Yes, for
all my intelligence, I'm actually pretty slow
sometimes. Ehem...

So I thought, easy, I'll just go back to Gmane.
But then, the Gmane authorization was down, so
I couldn't get my new e-mail going. I then
registered for the mailing list, and thought
I'd have Gnus do mail-splitting into
a pseudo-newsgroup, if you will. However,
I only got a small fraction of the traffic.
I cancelled the subscription, didn't get
a confirmation [1], but I think the traffic
seased completely anyhow around then, for that
or some other reason.

Then after a while Gmane was up again thanks to
Lars and the other guys efforts and I haven't
had any problems from where I'm looking
since then.

I don't know if this contributed to anyone's
understanding of whatever this problem is, but
it is what I remember anyway. But that much
I can and will do, God willing, I'll follow
this thread and if you have any questions I'll
be at your service :)

[1] Or maybe I sent a request-for-support
    message which supposedly would return an
    auto-reply (?), and this didn't happen -
    I don't remember, but I didn't get
    a response, I remember that much.

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