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26.1.92, 26.1-mac-7.4; unrecognised escaped chars in *Help*

From: Van L
Subject: 26.1.92, 26.1-mac-7.4; unrecognised escaped chars in *Help*
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 12:46:02 +1100
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>From the *scratch* buffer, I lookup the keybinding possibilities by

  C-h b

Under the Global Bindings section, the two lines under SPC look to be
encoded in Latin-1. I guess Emacs assumes UTF-8. The problem is I see
\200 \377 and a two row box having inside of it 3FF F7F as follows

-- quote - unknown encoding characters replaced with lookalike sequence
SPC .. ~        self-insert-command
\200 .. 3FF_F7F self-insert-command
\200 .. \377    self-insert-command

-- quote ends

I know what to do for this kind of situation in EWW, type "E latin-1 RET".

What goes here?

© 2019 Van L
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