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Semantic with Python

From: Sébastien Gendre
Subject: Semantic with Python
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 22:14:38 +0200


I'm using Emacs since 5 years, with a bunch of packages. Recently, I
start to see what Emacs can without add-on.

I try Semantic for usage with Python.
It's really good, but I got some problems/questions:
- How tell Semantic to also parse Python modules I import?
- How tell Semantic to also complete at point with languages syntax
  (import, for, while, etc)?
- Semantic doesn't parse docstring as documentation of my functions
  and methods?
- Is Semantic can provide his documentation to eldoc?
- Why Semantic smart completion are not bind to "TAB" or C-i by default?
- Why not having Semantic smart functions bind with C-c , shortcuts?

Semantic can be a so excellent tool for code analysis, completion and
code navigation. I think it would be so nice without the problems I
meet. I know their exist other Emacs packages that provide good Python
auto-completion. I already use them. But It's sad to have this really
good Semantic which is not more used.


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