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Re: ESC vs Meta for shifted keys

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: ESC vs Meta for shifted keys
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 07:50:51 -0800
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* Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> [180414 17:01]:
> Tim Johnson wrote:
> > I have some ergonomic issues with hands and
> > fingers. Often, using ESC cuts down
> > on stretching.
> You have some different keyboard than
> mine then.
  Probably. I've used compact keyboards for years. Started with
  small-key 80% (tenkeyless), then graduated to a Happy Hacker Lite2
  which is a 60% with standard-size keys. On such a footprint, ESC
  is a row closer. 
  I now use a Z-88 compact mechanical, where I swap the ESC so it is
  closer (and on mechanicals, it is also easier to physically swap
  the key). I alternate the z-88 with a qisan magicforce 60% which
  I've xmodmap'ped the heck out of. 

  Since I use vim and MC for my system work and have used it as such
  for as long as I have used emacs, ESC is a natural. And of course,
  C-[ is a very easy reach when one has the control key right next
  to one's pinky (as God intended the control key to be located).

  I suffer from basal joint arthritis on both hands which makes
  using my thumbs problematic.

  Furthermore, one may map ESC - <somechar> differently than 
  Alt - <somechar>. Whooppee more key combos!

  And lastly, using ESC means that one need not press all chars at
  once, but can do so sequentially. IOWS, ESC is a leader, not a
  modifier, or so that's how I think of it.

  "Each to his own and each's own is different"
    -- Alaskus Curmudgeous

> My Meta key, which is the Alt key according to
> the keyboard manufacturer, involves some 2 cm
> horizontal movement with the thumb, from right
> to left (perhaps I should estimate it to one
> "inch" instead :))
> To hit the Esc key OTOH involves a huge leap of
> hand over several keys, and this movement also
> dislocates the hand from typing
> "asdf" position.
> -- 
> underground experts united

Tim Johnson,

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