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Re: xterm vs gnome-terminal and all-the-icons.el

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: xterm vs gnome-terminal and all-the-icons.el
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 00:20:10 +0100
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joakim wrote:

> I noticed that the emacs all-the-icons.el
> works in gnome-terminal, but not in xterm.

Interesting - for it to be a difference between
gnome-terminal and xterm, you run a terminal
Emacs, right? As in -nw ?

Only if you do, how can there be an
*icon* issue?


    In order for the icons to work it is very
    important that you install the Resource
    Fonts included in this package, they are
    available in the fonts directory. [1]

BTW gnome-terminal is actually supposed to
emulate xterm [2], only it is slower and not
as good :)


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