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Re: info-find-source

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: info-find-source
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018 20:49:22 +0100
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Drew Adams wrote:

>>> This function is obsolete since 24.4;
>>> editing Info nodes by hand is
>>> not recommended.
>> I've seen this as well and wondered what it
>> meant... "By hand" - is the recommended way
>> having a bunch of text files and have that
>> compiled, or should one generate the
>> documentation straight from Elisp, including
>> docstrings and/or comments?
> AFAIK, the "recommended" way is to build Info
> files using `makeinfo' with TexInfo source
> files.

Yes of course, it even says so first thing:

    This is, produced by makeinfo
    version 5.2 from slime.texi.

OK, so it is the *.info files* that one is
disencouraged from editing? Well yeah, why
would you do that?!

The "by hand" phrasing is where the confusion
begins because it seems to imply there is
a better way to "edit" them. But to me it seems
totally backward to edit the result of
compilation and I don't think I ever did that
because wouldn't not only update but also
recompilation overwrite the edits?

In general one should edit the source! and here
one could simply keep a text file with any
extra material.

underground experts united

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