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Re: try-this-for ?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: try-this-for ?
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:47:55 +0100
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tomas wrote:

> I'm actually enhancing one I wrote for
> a customer ten years ago (C, GTK2). I have
> written many of those. And I'm far from
> a special snowflake.

Yes, I have also written them (in C and C++)
but never thought it to be really common and
even Emacs does it in a poor-man's way compared
to Unix.

If a process cannot even be preempted one might
as well extend the definition of "scheduling" to
a OO game loop that progresses the animation
state of a bunch of sprites in a linked list...

> It's not magic. It's pretty "classical" as
> Unix goes

With Unix we think rather of PCBs, IPC, context
switches, memory protection, different
scheduling algorithms, on-the-fly and
from-the-outside changes of priorities, and
so on.

underground experts united

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