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Re: counsel-dired-jump error "find: paths must precede expression:"

From: John Magolske
Subject: Re: counsel-dired-jump error "find: paths must precede expression:"
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 00:13:02 -0800
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Thanks for the clarifying explanation,

* Yuri Khan <address@hidden> [180117 23:14]:
> The source of ‘counsel-dired-jump’:
> contains this expression:
>     (shell-command-to-string
>       (concat find-program " * -type d -not -path '*\/.git*'"))
> The * in the first argument will be expanded by the shell to a list of
> all files in the current directory, in unspecified order. If any of
> them happens to look like a ‘find’ option, ‘find’ will try to
> interpret it as one, with unintended consequences.

looking into this further, I found a quoted wildcard resolves the issue:

     (concat find-program " -path './*' -type d -not -path '*\/.git*'"))

Seems to behave pretty much the same, except that all the directory
file-paths displayed in the minibuffer are now preceded with a ./

> [...]
> I was also able to cause data loss:
>     ~$ mkdir /tmp/bar
>     ~$ cd /tmp/bar
>     /tmp/bar$ touch -- aaa bbb ccc -delete
>     /tmp/bar$ ls
>     aaa  bbb  ccc  -delete
>     /tmp/bar$ find * -type d -not -path '*/.git*'
>     /tmp/bar$ ls
>     -delete

John Magolske

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