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Can't open some directories in dired via adb

From: Akater
Subject: Can't open some directories in dired via adb
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 05:29:37 +0000

I can't open some directories in dired via adb.

Dired buffer displays a branch of directory tree on the device. Some
directories in it won't open with RET or with C-x C-f dir C-j. However,
files in them are accessible with C-x C-f, and ido does show
subdirectory listing.

Device: OnePlus One
Android version: 6.0.1
OS: CyanogenMod 13
Kernel: 3.4.112-cyanogenmod

ls provided by BusyBox, as far as I can see.

Opening directory /adb:e476ba43:/storage/emulated/0/Texts/mathematics/...failed
tramp-file-name-handler: Couldn’t find exit status of ‘env COLUMNS=1 ls -a -l 

Some directories in Texts/ do open, some don't. It's not clear what
determines this. However, two directories I can't open contain files
that are accessed more often than files in their counterpart

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