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Re: info-find-source

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: info-find-source
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:46:14 +0100
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:

> Well, I do stuff in Emacs all the time...

You don't say...

> No, and neither were cheques. Cheques were
> never very popular in Poland, I think. (Maybe
> before WW2...?) I remember using them to get
> cash from my bank account before using
> plastic cards, but that's pretty much it.
> I hear cheques are pretty popular in the US,
> which is yet another proof that it's one of
> the weirdest places on Earth. (Not
> necessarily in a bad sense in this case -
> although I consider cash superior to cheques,
> they may be superior to credit cards, which
> are among the worst of humanity's inventions.
> I do not own one, and I do not plan to own
> one ever in my life.)

I don't know how cheques work but people use
them so they must serve some purpose. Here,
credit cards are now legio and people pay
everything with them.

A couple of years ago there were a bunch of
spectacular armed robberies in Sweden, one
involving a helicopter dropping people on the
roof of a cash deposit for example, and more
such stuff, involving people both from the
Swedish "disorganized crime" and from Serbian
gangsters who snapped from/during all their
wars. Anyway since then, and partly because of
that, almost the entire society has abandoned
cash, and that kind of crime doesn't happen
anymore. So that is one benefit, at least.

underground experts united

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