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Re: info-find-source

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: info-find-source
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2018 15:30:33 -0700
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Emanuel Berg wrote:
> If you take a look at that screenshot [1]
> again, or even use file(1) on it, you find out
> that the resolution is only 576 x 416. This is
> the resolution of my setup, which employs
> a projector, and not the most
> expensive/advanced projector at that.

I sympathize.  I am typing this on a Thinkpad X220 and the vertical
resolution is only a mere 768 pixels.  I realize that is still
significantly more than your 416 pixels but still in the same general
size neighborhood.  I can comfortably get only 47 vertical lines of
text.  And of course there is the minibuffer and modeline.  But of
course I worked for years with 80x24 terminals of similar size using
emacs, live by electric-buffer-mode which I can't do without, and flip
between buffers frequently.

> Practically speaking, I can operate only *two*
> windows!

That's really my limit too.  But when I split vertically I get two 24
line windows.  I know that would be luxury for you.  I worked for
years on that size of display when that was all that was available.
So while it feels cramped to me now I put up with it for the
lightweight carrying around laptop that weighs a fraction of my
heavier beast.  Coming back to my desktop now feels like infinite
living space.

> This is perhaps yet another reason
> I can't use info like some of you guys,
> virtually having a dedicated window for it open
> all day long and still have sufficient space to
> do everything else. Here, everything needs to
> be kept just as simple as possible.

I don't keep the window open in this dedicated way you imagine.  I am
always using 'C-h i' and 'q' to flip between buffers.  Do something.
Look something up.  Do something.  Look something up.  And also
Bookmarks with C-x r l to open a bookmark.

To a lessor extend I sometimes use frames.  I sometimes use frames
when I must take a high priority interrupt and do something else for a
while and want to save the window state of what I was doing and then
return exactly to it.  Yes this also works in the text terminal too.
First use 'C-x 5 2' to open a new frame.  Do whatever.  Then use 'C-x
5 o' to swap between frames.  Use 'C-x 5 1' to select the current
frame as the only one and close other frames collapsing back to the
one you are in only to clean up.  There is something that annoys me
about using frames though.  I'll ask that separately when I have time
to discuss it.


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