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Re: info-find-source

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: info-find-source
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2018 14:33:32 -0700
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:
> Drew Adams wrote:
> > Emanuel Berg wrote:
> >> Another example where info is slower is this
> >> very common situation.
> >> 1. You look something up with info and use it.
> >> 2. You look something else up and use that.
> >> 3, or I mean 1b - because the first thing
> >> didn't quite work! Now, with info, you have to
> >> navigate back to that node to see what it
> >> really said. And maybe between steps 1 and 2,
> >> you looked up something else still, which you
> >> didn't use, which might even belong to some
> >> different program, etc. etc.!

There are some documentation pages that I refer to often.  This is
typically when I am trying to learn a new feature.  I haven't
committed the details into long term memory yet.  I need to get back
to those pages often.  If I do that twice in a row then I set an emacs
bookmark on the info page I am wanting to get back to often.  Let's
say that is (intentionally recursive) emacs book marks.

Afer navigating to the page I want to refer to again:

  C-x r m  (bookmark-set)
  q        (Info-exit)

So then I am going along and doing whatever.  Then I want to refer to
that documentation again.  I've bookmarked it.  I bring up the
bookmark menu.

  C-x r l  (bookmark-bmenu-list)
  % Bookmark                    File
  (emacs) Bookmarks             /usr/share/info/emacs-25/emacs

I use C-n C-p (or n and p), or C-s to search down to it, to move the
selection to the bookmark I want.  Then Enter to select it.  With the
selection on the Bookmarks line above Enter takes me immediately back
to that node and the documentation I am wanting.

> > `M-n' (`clone-buffer') is your friend.
> Wow, yet another gift from Info!  Thanks again!

Cool!  That is also a new feature I did not know about either.  I can
think of several cases where this is going to be very useful to me.
Thank you for this very interesting hint!

> Sometimes when using Emacs I feel like a child in a toy store.  With the
> parents' credit card. ;-P

Well said!  Me too!  :-)


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