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Re: info-find-source

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: info-find-source
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 15:39:51 -0700
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Emanuel Berg wrote:
> What I can see, info, i.e., the framework, is
> just a bunch of sparsely annotated and
> highlighted hypertext.

What I see looks the same as the web version:

Except mine is local and therefore always available to me even when I
am not connected to a network.  And the local version always matches
the version of emacs I am using with it.  And my local version is
inside emacs so uses my preferred fonts and colors.

For people who don't use emacs but use vim I recommend using the
'pinfo' browser.  It would match their keystroke memory better.

> Because I don't spend a lot of time with info,
> and isn't active with it myself, I do not
> care about the markup.

Markup?  What markup?  All I see is text.  It is formated into
paragraphs.  The most annoying markup is the quoting using characters
I don't prefer with the stylized curly quotes.  But it's a compromise
there for certain because everyone prefers something different there.

> As for the interconnectivity, I was never fond
> of moving back and forth by hitting any other
> buttons than those on my keyboard, which
> I don't think need re-wiring for the purpose of
> browsing documentation.

WAT?  I can only hit the buttons on my keyboard.  I can't hit buttons
that are not on my keyboard.

Personally I prefer the emacs movement keys and so I use emacs
movement keys when browsing info documenation.  And since this is the
help-gnu-emacs mailing list I can say that proudly without vim users
being unhappy with me. :-)

> So to me, I can just as well, or better
> actually, access the entire manual of a piece
> of software by means of a huge text file.

Since it is a multi-function document that is also designed to be
printed and viewed as a book then I can't find any complaint with you
wanting to browse it all printed out like it was a book.

Go for it!

> It is more honest. No gleaming links that lures
> you into doing something else just because you
> can. No new keystrokes to learn and no new
> hooks to fill with Elisp. Same old - great -
> stuff to use.

Oh, so the links to related documenation is like ... *squirrel*


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