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Re: DWIM region (was: Re: count regexp hits)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: DWIM region (was: Re: count regexp hits)
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 07:20:41 +0100
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:

>>> 1. Lack of space after `let*'. This is so
>>> one can change `let' into `let*' and back
>>> without moving anything else. Personally,
>>> I wouldn't mind just one "let" which would
>>> be equal to `let*', as legend has it the
>>> supposed parallelism of `let' is an urban
>>> legend, however now when it is like it is
>>> it would be confusing (to other people) to
>>> always use `let*' when there is no reason
>>> to, even tho there is equally little/as
>>> much reason to use plain `let'...
> Well, for me, `let*' is an indication that
> `let' is not enough. But it's a minor point,
> agreed. I don't know about relative
> efficiency of both.

Yes, that is the indication we are used to see.
So that is why it has to be used like that (it
makes sense to use it like that) even tho
technically it doesn't matter because there is
no parallelism lost in `let' when using `let*'.

So one could use `let*' all the time and not
have to think about it and not have the
bug/confusion when one changes something but
forgets to change the asterisk.

This is what I've heard; I haven't browsed the
C source myself if anyone wants to look for the
lost parallelism. But my bet it'll be even more
difficult to find than the proverbial microchip
in the supercomputer...

> Well, that is really strange. Could you
> explain the reason for this space being there
> and not somewhere else?

  (it is based)
  (on what happens on each line) )

> Well, it's not standard, I'd think. And for
> me, `indentation' is at the bol, this I'd
> call `alignment'.

Alignment of code is a part of indentation.

> And again, I do understand the reason, I just
> don't like this style. It's not something I'm
> accustomed to.

The reason is to group items, for example
   wierd magical materia,
   and other things that are on the same level,
together, to increase "seeing"
         and decrease "reading".

PS. If anyone looking at the above example
    without understanding it might be you have
    a mail client/newsreader that messes that
    up. If so, this is your luckiest
    computer day of 2018 so far, as that should
    be *disabled* first thing and then never
    touched upon again, ever.

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