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Re: How to split (IMAP client side split) incoming mails into groups for

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: How to split (IMAP client side split) incoming mails into groups for multiple emails addresses with Gnus
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 00:20:22 +0100
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gnuforever wrote:

> How should I do the split for my 2
> imap accounts?

Are you currently getting them into the same
group - from your example, the one
called INBOX?

And you have two additional groups,
INBOX.folder1 and INBOX.folder2, but they don't
get populated?

If so, you must correct the rules for
`nnmail-split-methods' prior to the INBOX case
(which always will be true because "" applies
to everything, which is the only rule that
works in the above scenario).

You have


But examine the article (mail/post) which has
gone into INBOX but you expected/wanted it to
go to INBOX.folder1. Look at the From header of
that mail in particular. Does it really match
your rule for INBOX.folder1?

Also, hit `B q' in article mode to test where
it will go. If it says INBOX and not
INBOX.folder1, it means your expression doesn't
match and the only one that does is the
universal "", which puts it in INBOX.

PS. Also consider finding more descriptive
    names than folder1 and folder2.

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