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Re: postcard

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: postcard
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 20:02:18 +0100
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B. T. Raven wrote:

> Out of curiosity, I moused around the Uppsala
> Universitet neighborhood near train tracks in
> Google Earth, but I couldn't identify you
> back yard.

Well, it is Alsikev├Ągen 6, very close to the
train station in Uppsala.

I wonder if it has any features that sticks out

> In Sweden there seems to be a limit to
> zooming in (Steet view excepted)but in my
> neck of the woods in the U.S. I can identify
> features that are as small as 0.5 meters on
> a side.

Ha! It seems we are a bit "backward" here,
ey? :)

underground experts united

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