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Re: replacement for whitespace-tab

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: replacement for whitespace-tab
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 02:55:50 +0200
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Will Parsons wrote:

> @#$%^&*! *What* entry in "the official Emacs
> manual for customization options"??? This may
> be quite obvious to you, but it certainly
> isn't to me!

Reading the manual is always so complicated!
Here, you can just enter whitespace mode, move
cursor/point to where space is indicated by the
mid dot char, and then either do
`describe-char' or use this

    (defun what-face (pos)
      (interactive "d")
      (let((face (or (get-char-property pos 'face)
                     (get-char-property pos 'read-cf-name) )))
        (message " Face: %s" (or face "(no face!)")) ))

to get the face. Do the same and see if there
is a tab face as well!

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