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Re: humans and technology

From: ernobe
Subject: Re: humans and technology
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2017 08:58:44 -0600
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> You know the Marxist theory of society etc.
> etc.? I you apply that to technology and some
> self-knowledge, it seems to click perfectly
> with us and Unix and Emacs. Only thing is,
> other people will end up with different
> technology. Here, there is a notion that some
> technology is better than the other. But then
> why do people use the inferior technology?
> Because they are not as good to begin with?
> Why not? Here is where the theory gets shady.
> But morals aside, it is a perfect match.
> At least for me. But are other people who has
> experienced the same perfect match the same as
> me? How so? And if you do technology too much,
> are you technology as well as human? If yes,
> how much do you have to do it? If you reproduce
> yourself every day, and a good portion of that
> day is technology, and this goes on every day,
> where does the line go where you produce
> technology and it doesn't produce you?

I have experienced the same perfect match as you, but you need to
upgrade to Emacs 24.5 (like me) in order to understand that.


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