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How do you automatically refile mails with mu4e?

From: Danny YUE
Subject: How do you automatically refile mails with mu4e?
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:36:12 +0800
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Hi guys,

How can you refile the mails without opening any mu4e buffers?

I read the manual and I know that it is possible to define a function to
refile based on something.
But every time I have to mark-and-execute manually, and it sometimes
annoys me.

I would like it to be automatically done: every time the index is
updated, the incoming unread mails are refiled automatically.

My idea is to add something to the mu4e-update-pre-hook.
But I did not found any clue how I can refile mails in the
background, without opening any buffer.
Looking into the code did not really help.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


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