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Re: Emacs IDE

From: Krishnakant
Subject: Re: Emacs IDE
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2017 12:49:13 +0530
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On Tuesday 07 March 2017 07:56 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
Html tags just don't get completed automatically and ther is no auto
completion triggering as I type.
You can try nxml-mode, which will give you the completion data, and
if you don't want to have to hit M-TAB to get completion, then install company-mode (from 
GNU ELPA) to get the "completion popup".

You'll probably also want to install the html5-schema package from GNU
ELPA, since Emacs only comes with the html4 schema.

Hi Stefan,
Thanks a lot.
2 quick questions.
is nxml mode a good replacement to web-mode? As you know HTML is not the only thing a single .html file will have, probably css and javascript will also be there. and second, will I have to configure company to work with nxml or will nxml search for company and start it automatically?
Do i have to add the hooks for that?
Happy hacking.

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