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Re: Questions: classical X embedding, vc for Fossil

From: René Kuligowski
Subject: Re: Questions: classical X embedding, vc for Fossil
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2016 10:20:35 -0100
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Me again, Forgot one thing:

On 08.12.2016 09:51, René Kuligowski wrote:

concerning the X-embedding: yes, it matters, in a way –– why embed an own DocView pane for DVI/PDF- and image-viewing, but staying there when it would be easy *and* make sense to do the same for the three browsers (w3, w3m, eww) to use the full capabilities of a graphical pane instead of a textual one. IMHO the GTK3-Webkit-widget-embedding is sort of a short-circuited action without any sense or purpose and should have been replaced with native X pane/widget embedding.

…for, eg., an AuCTeX/syncTeX preview pane, an embedded xterm as fully-capable shell launched by eshell-visual-command, using X-widgets for customize, ses, etc. The possibillities are almost endless. Think about it, it makes sense.

Again, best regards, ;-)

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