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Re: A femtolisp based emacs clone

From: edu500ac
Subject: Re: A femtolisp based emacs clone
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:32:35 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Rusi.

I don't want to improve on gnu-emacs. It is my favorite editor, and I think 
that it has every feature that one may need in a text editor. 

The main goal of the femtoemacs project is to provide a tiny emacs clone, for 
opening small text files with minimum start up. Well, there are small clones 
that are used to fulfill this niche. To name a few: Zile, jmacs, microEmacs, 
etc. By the way, femtoemacs is based in one of these clones, to wit, atto and 
Anthony's editor. What I miss in these clones is the possibility of extending 
them in Lisp. This is my favorite feature in Emacs. Therefore, femtolisp is a 
tiny Emacs that one can customize in Lisp. It is a replacement for Zile, jmacs 
ou microEmacs, not for Emacs. 

In many situations, I need a small editor for a mobile computer or for a cloud 
computer. It would be great if I had emacs in such a situations, but emacs is 
large big and difficult to install for this kind of applications. I could use 
jmacs or Zile in my cloud computer, but in doing so I would give up Lisp 
customization. With femtoemacs, I will keep lisp scripting. To make a long 
story short, if you feel the need of using jmacs or microEmacs, then femtoemacs 
may be a good replacement for these editors, since you can customize it in 
femtolisp or scheme.

As for femtolisp, it was developed by Jeff Bezanson, the same person that 
created the Julia language. It is one of the fastest interpreters around, and 
can be made fully compatible with Scheme.

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