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Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!

From: Gene
Subject: Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 07:40:54 -0700 (PDT)
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> And then I got:
>     Emacs? Good Lord! I thought you had to be
>     an over aged hippie to use that :-)
> ???

I believe the replies thus far have played off `figure' rather than `ground' 
vis-a-vis both figure-ground perception and figure-ground relations.

If one boarded Sherman and Peabody's wayback machine to the mid 70s one would 
discover wordstar as a TEXT EDITOR among text editors, as the `word processor' 
and the IBM PC had not yet appeared as a backdrop for mere `text' editors.


Once WYSIWYG word processors emerged as wizbang NEWER tech, EVERY mere `text' 
editor was contrastively seen by the users of the latest `state of the art' 
SUPERFICIAL programs-cum-apps as outmoded, non-sexy road kill as glimpsed in 
passing through their rear view mirrors.

Now both text and `words' are something optional that most users of phones 
smarter than they are apply to pictures and videos they upload to Facebook, 
Youtube, and Pintest.

That emacs doesn't pander primarily to those for whom pictures and videos are 
the media which IS the message means that those users of touch screens as found 
on smart phones and tablets regard it quaint, outmoded, or something an `over 
aged hippie' would use ... perhaps to add hashtags to their vapid, vacuous 
`home movies'

The comment doesn't leverage off `Wordstar' so much as The Paradigm in which 
both Wordstar and Emacs were/are part and parcel: TUI-accessible text-based 
`information'; the GUI-ized touch screen has made touch typing problematic, if 
not impossible, and if you can't fap to an image appearing on your screen then 
it's NOT -- perhaps post-modern -- `information' as those NOT qualifying as 
`over aged hippies' would behold it.

Now if an emacs mode were to appear which allowed an assortment of hashtags to 
be provided to search for pics and videos hosted by FB, youtube, pinterest, and 
such AND emacs became `an app' available for both android and all the Apple 
gadgets those people with phones smarter than they are WOULD undoubtedly regard 
it hip and trendy.

Marshall McLuhan was right; "The Medium is the Message" 
Both Wordstar and emacs employ a textual medium associated with a bygone 
paradigm upstaged by a paradigm in which PICTURES APPEAR which one can TOUCH.

As someone who may resemble the remark `over aged hippie' I'll fade out with


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