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Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!

From: Tosspot
Subject: Re: Emacs for over aged hippies?!
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 20:59:00 +0200
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On 15/08/16 13:15, Emanuel Berg wrote:
I was in a discussion on on
the properties of the combination spanner
(combination wrench) but as it happened the
discussion drifted away across the Pacific to
Easter Island, Russian history, and

    Word Star, perhaps the most successful of
    the early word processes. It was
    a monolithic program in assembly language
    and ran on the Z-80 processor, on the CP/M
    operating system. It was written by a guy
    named " John Robbins Barnaby", in four
    months. 137,000 lines of assembler code.

To this I wrote:

    There is an Emacs mode (built in,
    actually): wordstar-mode Command: Major
    mode with WordStar-like key bindings.

    Is that the same? Sounds like it.

    For the real deal tho one would get a Z-80
    CP/M emulator to run... or a time machine.

And then I got:

    Emacs? Good Lord! I thought you had to be
    an over aged hippie to use that :-)


Welcome to 1975 :-)

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