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Re: make ps-print-buffer-with-faces all bold

From: myglc2
Subject: Re: make ps-print-buffer-with-faces all bold
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 11:49:03 -0400
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> myglc2 wrote:
>> I alway want emacs printout in color but find
>> the 'normal' faces frustratingly unreadable,
>> especially in low contrast colors. So... Here
>> is how to make everything bold in
>> ps-print-buffer-with-faces, etc.
>> ;; ps-print in all bold fonts
>> (ps-extend-face-list
>>  (mapcar (function  (lambda (x) (list x
>>                                    (face-attribute x :foreground)     
>>                                    (face-attribute x :background)
>>                                    'bold)))
>>       (face-list)) 'MERGE)
> Cool, but perhaps you should change the "low
> contrast colors" instead?

To print I use a light theme and I want color to match the screen.  Dark
themes are generally unreadable printed this way. Something clever needs
to be done with the color if you want to print dark themes.

> Or do they look good on the screen, only not so when printed?

On my printer normal fonts are ~ unreadable.

> In what context should one use the code? I.e.,
> do you run it once or every time you print?

emacs init file.

> And: I don't think you need `function' before
> `lambda'.

elisp noobie ;-)

> Last, aren't there other attributes than
> foreground and background? Perhaps you can find
> a function that returns the whole thing, and
> then just set it to bold?

The ps-print.el public interface requires this custom structure.

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