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Re: documentation for align-regexp and co.

From: Roelli, Charles A
Subject: Re: documentation for align-regexp and co.
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 11:04:56 +0000

Thanks Kaushal. The docstrings and the link you gave are more than enough to 
learn about the command; what I'm more worried about is having useful functions 
like these go forgotten if they're not written up in the manual. Do you think 
it would be worth filing a bug report to have it included? It seems like most 
of the documentation is already ready to go in from the file's source, and it 
would just have to be copied into the Texinfo docs.


On 20 Jul 2016, at 22:41, Kaushal Modi <address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>> 

You are right, the emacs or elisp manual do not talk about this function. All 
the functions in the emacs source are not documented in the manuals. But most 
of them are at least documented in the function doc-strings.

Please open a bug report requesting the info you find missing regarding this 
function. What part is unclear in the docstring? etc..

For now, you might find this useful to learn more about align-regexp:

On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 5:25 PM Roelli, Charles A 
<address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:
I came across the function `align-regexp' which is defined in align.el. The 
documentation for the function (docstrings etc.) is visible from Emacs via the 
usual methods, and I can see in the code of align.el that the functions in the 
file have been around since Emacs 21.1. However I couldn't find any 
documentation for any of these functions in either the Emacs or the Elisp 
manual, which is surprising. Is this a mistake, or are some files/functions 
purposefully left out of the official manuals?

Kaushal Modi

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