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Re: relative line numbers and folding: how to make they play along?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: relative line numbers and folding: how to make they play along?
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 10:54:51 -0400
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>> I was more thinking of the situation I mentioned in some other
>> discussion: rewrite the top-level of the redisplay code in Elisp,
> Conditioning the minor feature discussed in this thread on such a
> thorough rewrite of the display code sounds like overkill to me.

There's no conditioning at play here.  I was only discussing how to make
it reasonably efficient.

> Frankly, I don't see any significant gains in your suggestion.
> Basically, you suggest to leave the bulk of the display code
> unchanged, and introduce a Lisp-level driver that calls its parts one
> after the other.

That's right.  The idea being to try and keep as much of the existing
code as possible.

> I think a much better plan is to expose some of the C data structures
> to Lisp, and provide focused hooks at strategic places for Lisp to be
> able to affect what redisplay does, by accessing those data structures
> and making decisions based on that.

I think my plan fits this description.  But other plans would too,


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