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Re: gnutls-verify-error issues

From: Hubert Chathi
Subject: Re: gnutls-verify-error issues
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 23:08:54 -0400
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On Tue, 12 Jul 2016 10:00:41 -0400, Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> said:

> I am not aware of any code in Emacs that would modify
> `gnutls-verify-error' and haven't seen this issue. But it could be a
> bug. In particular this line *could* be the cuplrit in gnutls.el:

>     (when verify-hostname-error (push :hostname verify-error))

> Are you able to put a debug statement in there and try again?

I changed those lines to:
    (when verify-hostname-error
      (message "hostname error")
      (push :hostname verify-error))

But there was no extra message in *Messages*.

But then I tried modifying the lambda in the (let* ... (verify-error
...)) expression in gnutls-negotiate to read

                              (lambda (check)
                                (when (string-match (car check) hostname)
                                  (copy-sequence (cdr check))))

(I added the copy-sequence call), and now it seems to be working as it
should, so it looks like *something* in that function is modifying the

> Or give a recipe to duplicate the issue?

For me, just setting the value of gnutls-verify-error to (("muchlearning\\.org"
 ("news\\.gmane\\.org" nil
  (:trustfiles :hostname))
  (:trustfiles :hostname))), and then accessing in Gnus
via NNTP over TLS results in the value of gnutls-verify-error changing.

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