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Re: program outlining

From: Howard Melman
Subject: Re: program outlining
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 21:44:09 -0400
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I use outline-minor-mode in emacs-lisp mode and do:

    (setq outline-regexp ";;;;? \\|(....")

This tracks ;;; and ;;;; comments and also
lines beginning with a ( and four more characters.
Works pretty well. I haven't tried finding values for
outline-regexp in other programming modes.

Then I add:
    (define-key outline-minor-mode-map (kbd "C-<tab>") 'org-cycle)
    (define-key outline-minor-mode-map (kbd "S-<tab>") 'org-global-cycle)))

Honestly, outline-mode and outline-minor-mode should
just duplicate the org-cycle commands. 



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