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printing from within emacs, without having "lpr"

From: martin . sputnik
Subject: printing from within emacs, without having "lpr"
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:25:52 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi, I have the following printing problem. 

The local sys-administration, in their wisdom, has deactivated "lpr" and
related commands, insofar they introduced a new ``improved'' print-system
(via some Windows-servers) that requires I have to give my passwords (I
work under Linux though.)

As a consequence, I cannot 

           currently print from within emacs. 

In this post here, I concentrate on the ``standard'' printing capabilities
(like M-x lpr-buffer M-x ps-print-buffer and related commands) not on more
complex stuff like printing the a dvi-file or similar from within inside a
LaTeX buffer. I can ``export'' buffers to the file system and then invoke
print on the export, but it's not a dignified way and I don't get much
support (I guess as long as one can print from the Office-Suite, the
computer is defined as ``up-and-running'') .

Now: currently, the value of the  variable 

             lpr-command  is "lpr"

Unfortunately, doing

(setq lpr-command "print")

and changing the lpr-add-switches to avoid lpr-specifics there does not help. 
The message for M-x print-buffer is

Usage: print [-a{1,2,3,4}] .... [-v] [file...]
  More information available from 'man print'.

which perhaps indicates that the buffer I intended to print were now
``piped'' correctly into the print commant.

Any ideas what I could do? I think I found a way around the problem that
print wants a password, that seems not the problem, but I wonder if
fiddling with the lpr-command will do any good?  Where should I look? There are 
on the emacs-manual some tips how to print using some scripts, but that seems 
for Windows users, I work under linux, but lpr etc is decativated.

thanks, Martin

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