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Re: Invalid face reference: quote

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Invalid face reference: quote
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 16:24:23 +0200
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"Loris Bennett" <address@hidden>

> You can reduce the amount of light entering
> your eye even more by using
> a very-dark-grey-on-black theme and wearing
> sunglasses. That should really minimise your
> levels of eye stress.

If you suffer from severe eye problems you can
wear sunglasses and use a projector with a big
text size. If you wear normal glasses, you can
use the 3D-glasses from the cinemas on top.
However if you do all this you should have very
*bright* text colors to contrast as sharply as
possible from both the background and the other
colors. It is not only about minimizing the
light, it is also about maximizing "seeing" as
opposed to reading. It is clear that only the
most dedicated people can suffer from such
a condition and still keep up programming every
day for several years... nothing for cowards
who hide behind irony and their monitors.

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