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Re: Invalid face reference: quote

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Invalid face reference: quote
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 12:10:13 +0200
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Davin Pearson <address@hidden> writes:

> My Emacs customizations total 45,000 lines of
> code. That puts me in second place behind
> Jamie Zawinski who has 50,000 lines of
> Elisp code.

Keep up writing code like that and you'll soon
beat every record :)

Now, I have 4 818 lines of Elisp. Here is all
my code stats - but it is from 2015 which is
why the Lisp digit is much smaller. You know:
the world makes one revolution in one year -
except for South America, where the figure is
much higher (Viva Zapata!)

Actually it is not a lot of code. But I like
the distribution. I also did Erlang, SML,
gnuplot, groff, and LaTeX/Biblatex which aren't
in the stats.

I also did C#, JavaScript, Python, VB, VBA,
TI-Basic, the Basic for the PS2, and Java, but
that is sort of like a well kept secret :)

I have ~half that much zsh (2676 lines) tho
I am impassionate about that, at least compared
to Lisp. I guess it just happened along
the way.

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