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desktop-save problems

From: ken
Subject: desktop-save problems
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 18:40:58 -0400
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Hi, all,

Still there are problems with saving sessions.

First, I can save a listing (sort of*) by running "desktop-save" and then follow the prompt to select a directory. I always select ~/.emacs.d/ on the local machine. Is there some way I can configure desktop-save to always save to this same directory-- and on the local machine-- and not prompt me each time? If there is no configuration for this, is it relatively easy to edit the code to accomplish this?

Second, is there a way for "desktop-save" to be run programmatically whenever I open a new file/buffer or kill a buffer? That is, opening a new buffer would automatically add that buffer to the session file (for me, that's .emacs.desktop), killing a buffer would remove it from the session file.

*Third, when I use tramp to open a buffer from a remote machine and then do "desktop-save" etc., that buffer name is written into the session file after "(setq file-name-history" but not under ";; Buffer section"; that is, it isn't given a "(desktop-create-buffer" section in the session file. Consequently, when I next time start emacs, none of the buffers opened with tramp previous session are opened.

Many years ago emacs did all the above just fine. Anyone know what happened? Just curious.

Thanks for any help.

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