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autoloading entire function

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: autoloading entire function
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 16:43:08 +0100
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I have written a function in my package which looks like this...

(defun lentic-script-hook (mode-hook init)
  (add-to-list 'lentic-init-functions
  (add-hook mode-hook
            (lambda ()
              (unless lentic-init
                (setq lentic-init init)))))

It then gets used like this:

(lentic-script-hook 'python-mode-hook

Essentially, it makes writing a set of stereotyped "add-hook" calls a
bit easier.

But I now have an autoload problem. If I want to do this:

(lentic-script-hook 'python-mode-hook

My code will now break since `lentic-script-hook' is not defined.

I could, of course, add an autoload cookie to `lentic-script-hook'. But
now, when the autoload file is loaded, lentic-script-hook is called, so
loading will be forced which defeats the point of autoloading.

So, I need to put the entirely of `lentic-script-hook' into the autoload
files. Of course, it will itself not be autoloaded, but that's not a
huge problem.

How to achieve this?

The only solutions I have so far are this:

;;;###autoload (defun lentic-script-hook (mode-hook init) (add-to-list 
'lentic-init-functions init) (add-hook mode-hook (lambda nil (unless 
lentic-init (setq lentic-init init))))))

putting everything on oneline does the trick. But it's ugly to read,
and, if I evaluate the source file manually (i.e. I don't use
autoloads), the form is commented so does not get evaluated.

Another options is not use defun but it's expansion and autoload this:

(defalias 'lentic-script-hook
      (mode-hook init)
      (add-to-list 'lentic-init-functions init)
      (add-hook mode-hook
                (lambda nil
                  (unless lentic-init
                    (setq lentic-init init))))))

which works but, also, is not ideal. The defun macro is there for a
reason, and it would be nice to use it.

Any other options I have missed?


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